Mentoring Program

The 38th IAEE International Conference in Antalya will offer a unique opportunity for graduate students to engage directly with seasoned professionals in the major areas of energy economics so as to hear first-hand about real careers and hard-won experiences.
This event provides for informal mentoring opportunities between energy professionals and students who are contemplating which energy economics career path to pursue. However, this event is not intended to offer any direct entries into the jobs market, rather it aims to help students make better informed choices about career paths and to provide links with some of the subject matter mentors.
During a 1-1/2 hour period students can show up to hear mini-presentations by mentors relating their lifelong professional experiences and lessons learned. Each presentation will be followed by open Q&A and the sessions will be repeated up to 6 times so that students can hear a variety of individual experiences over the course of the evening. Any one-by-one follow-up after the occasion is entirely a matter for each student and individual mentor.