Session Proposals

As indicated in the Conference Announcements and in the Call for Papers, concurrent sessions of IAEE'38 could be organized as Regular, Invited, Discussant or Collaborative Conversation sessions. The Discussant Sessions will feature a small number of selected papers with comments from invited discussants. The objective is to provide feedback on the paper and facilitate deeper discussion on the issues presented. The idea behind Collaborative Conversations is to initiate a dialog on the relative advantages of approaching a similar topic of energy economics from different perspectives. One of the great strengths of the IAEE is that it brings together dedicated specialists from a broad spectrum, including industry, government, academia, and think-tanks. The objective is to strengthen the potential cross-fertilization of ideas and methodologies.
The topics and functioning of the Invited, Discussant or Collaborative Conversation types of concurrent sessions are to be proposed by their Organizing Chairs (to be approved by the IPC). Speakers invited to participate in such concurrent sessions (by the organizing chairs) would still be required to submit abstracts to be considered by the IPC.
Accordingly, interested parties are encouraged to organize such concurrent sessions focused on specific topics. If you are interested to organize such a session, please send a proposal consisting of 
  • suggested session title;
  • description of the session (3-5 lines);
  • session chair’s short CV (100 words);
  • 4 speakers in your session.
to the International Program Committee (IPC) of IAEE'38 at