Workshop: Presentation Skills

MOTIVATION. Concurrent sessions are the stage for lively scientific discourse at every IAEE conference. The presentations cover a truly impressive breadth and depth of energy-related scholarly work. While most contributions are at an extremely high level of scientific quality and insight, previous IAEE conference have shown potential for improvement regarding some of the speakers' presentation skills. We believe that some brilliant academic work remains misunderstood due to a lack of clarity and structure in the presentation.

WHAT WE WILL DO. One day before the official conference start, we will host a 2.5-hour workshop in which we will focus on presentation excellence. In this workshop, volunteers will present their 12-minute presentations and receive structured, in-depth feedback on their presentation techniques, complemented with hands-on advice on how to improve their presentations. We will specifically focus on (1) how to address the target group, (2) how to convey the key messages and the "so-what" of your presentation, (3) storyline, (4) design of individual slides, and (5) the overall impression you make onstage.

HOW TO JOIN. The workshop is offered free of charge and is open to all conference participants. However, spaces for presenters will be strictly limited. If you wish to be one of the presenters, please apply to the organizers of this workshop no later than April 15, 2015. Please include with your application: (1) a maximum of six lines on why you wish to attend this workshop and what you hope to get out of it, (2) a very brief CV, (3) if already available: your (PowerPoint) presentation or the respective abstract. If the number of applications exceed the spaces available, we will have to select speakers based on the application material provided. All applicants will be notified within two weeks after the application deadline on whether or not they received a space in the workshop. Anyone interested in attending this workshop without giving a presentation is warmly welcome to join the audience (registration via e-mail is kindly requested).

WHO WE ARE. The workshop will be chaired by Prof. Georg Erdmann and Markus Graebig (both from the Department of Energy Systems at Technische Universität Berlin).
Prof. Georg Erdmann ( is the head of the Department for Energy Systems and a former president of IAEE. He is a member of a distinguished expert panel which monitors the German "Energiewende" (energy transition) on behalf of the German federal government. Georg Erdmann will provide his rich insights from decades of presentation experience in his roles as an academic teacher, as a senior scientist, as a business consultant, and as a political and scientific advisor.
Markus Graebig ( is a research associate at the Department for Energy Systems and a former McKinsey consultant. He is the author of a bestselling textbook on business presentations ("Wie aus Ideen Präsentationen werden", Springer-Gabler, 2011). For more than one decade, Markus Graebig has been working as a presentation specialist for various companies. In hundreds of seminars, he has trained employees and executives in designing perfect business presentations.

The pre-conference workshop will be offered on Sunday, May 24 from 10:00 to 12:30 at room Gloria Serenity Faces 1