Objectives and Aims

Energy security, technology and policy challenges define today’s major issues in energy economics faced by energy industrialists, scientists and policy-makers worldwide. Increased volatility in energy price and demand as a result of market restructuring and due to reserve/security issues of oil and gas resources are posing difficulties in the planning and development of strategies and policies in the energy sector. Changing political preferences adds extra risk to the gas, oil and power markets. Moreover, pressure of limiting greenhouse gas emissions plays a dominant role on policy-making and on the management of energy industries. How should the uncertainties and the climate pressure be addressed ? What kind of actions should be taken and how should they be applied? Does the current energy supply and transport infrastructure ensure long-term security ? What alternative solutions exist? At the 38th IAEE International Conference similar topics will be discussed in Antalya.
Electronic version of the Call for Papers (CfP) of the 38th IAEE International Conference can be downloaded through the following link: